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Digital Downloads

Saving to your photos
on a tablet or phone (JPEG)

Most Tablets and Phones are unable to save JPEG images to their photos from a ZIP format without the help of an App. Please read the instructions below on how to do this.

Visit the
IOS App Store and download iZip (Free). Once downloaded go back to your email and press the (ZIP Format) link, this will open Safari and give you the option to “Open in iZip”. Press this and click “OK” to extract your images. Once extracted you can then select your image/s and press save at the bottom right of your screen.

Visit the
Play Store and download WinZip (Free). Once downloaded open the app, allow access to your photos and press “Try Free”. You can then go back to your email and press the (ZIP Format) link, this will open your web browser and give you the option to “Open in WinZip”. Once open you can then select your photograph/s and save them to your device.

Your Digital Download will be delivered to you by email shortly after the purchase in the following formats:
ZIP format package:
Your JPEG image/s are embedded within the ZIP format. Simply open the ZIP link to download/unpack your JPEG images. Each image contained within the ZIP package has a copyright waiver message embedded (meta data), giving permission for personal use.
PDF format::
User friendly format that can be opened on mobile and tablet devices (IOS and Andriod) and be printed with ease.

Instructions for ZIP

-Once downloaded Right-click the ZIP file and then click “Extract All.”
-Enter a name for the folder where Windows will place the extracted files. By default, the folder name is identical to the name of the ZIP archive, but without the .zip file extension.
-Click “Extract” to instruct Windows to unzip the file, open the new folder and display all the files from the ZIP archive.

ZIP and PDF formats

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